A Young Refugee
"They're not coming here" Omar mumbles to himself, while he paces forth and back in his room.

Outside is a bus backing into the driveway. He hears the beeping sound. 
The staff are helping a group of new residents moving into the refugee center at Bolderslev Asylcenter. 

"There's not coming more people in here!" it comes out more determined than before from Omar.

Three beds are available in room 20P, so the Odds are looking poorly.

He has gotten a tense relationship to new residents at the center, since he's seen a lot come and go. Just not himself.
He walks in circles until he suddenly stops and looks up at his wall.

"Look at all these people. People I shared room and experiences with. I love them all. But they're the reason I'm suffering. They got what I've been dreaming of so long: A danish residence permit."

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