"Imagine going to school with fear. Fear of getting attacked - not just by kids, but by parents, or to get humiliated by soldiers at security posts, just because they're in a bad mood wanting to have fun. We're alienated in our own city, our own country. This is not a normal life, this is a prison of stranglement.."

19-year old Jalil is one of the front runners of the clashes in Hebron. He is one of the young people who has endured going to school through the second intifada in Hebron.

Hebron is the biggest city on the West Bank in Palestine. At the same time it's a city of compromises and frustration, with jewish settlers living site by site with palestinian people. The current situation doesn't allow for children to go to school, without having to go through security checkpoints controlled by Israel soldiers. But the relationship between the soldiers and the palestinian citizens is filled with negative feelings after the events of the second Intifada in 2000, where soldiers attacked civilians and regular people became suicide bombers aimed at the soldiers and their commanders.

These tragic events has now developed a once peaceful and prosperous city, into a ghost town of clashes and frustration.

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